About Me

HI! My name is Nanette Cole…


I travel.

I write.

And there will always be food!

For me, life is not a destination, but a journey that I  enjoy and will share with you.

 This is my journey…

When I graduated from high school in 1982, I wanted to get in my car and travel across the country, driving down the back roads to small towns, and meeting who I call, “The real people of America.” Everyone has a story, I wanted to hear yours. In the end, a book was to be written about the places I went to, the people I met and the stories I was told.

I was young and broke and I planned on sleeping in a tent or in my car while working my way across the country doing odd jobs.


Life got in the way…

Instead of taking off on my “journey of a lifetime,” I got married at the age of 19, had my first son at the age of 22 and my second son at 26. I divorced at 31 and raised my boys alone. I’m not complaining, we have had a fantastic time, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. (Well, let me think on that one…) Basically, between marriage, children, divorce, children, business and children, my dream remained just that, a dream.


April 16, 2010, life was put into prospective for me when I was told I had malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. I had an egg size portion of my leg cut out, and so far so good. I realized then just how short life is. You don’t get this year, month, day or minute back, and I damn sure don’t take any of it for granted.


I posted on my Facebook about my dream of traveling and I had an overwhelming response to the post from my friends. I realized it was time to turn my dream into a reality. The ball was put into motion when I gave to my boys, sold or donated everything I owned. I then sold my business.

Some dreams never die. If you hold onto a dream for 30 years, you need to make it happen somehow.

March 2011, I wrote my first story, Down the country road.  I had never written a story before and I was a bit nervous with how people would react, but the response was heart-warming.

IMG_6237_edited-1 2

The stories I wrote for the first year were to give you an insight as to who I am, how I think, what I do and love. When I started to venture out, I wrote and videoed about the places I visited and people I met along the way.


At the end of this journey I will publish a book about the back roads of America, produce a documentary about small town life, and write a cookbook with the recipes that I have gathered from the people I interview.

As I wrote earlier, I have two boys, (young men) that are grown and gone.  My oldest, Austin, will be 27 in August, and my baby Cameron just turned 23.  Austin served his country in the Army and did 18 months in Iraq.  He got out in 2010 and moved to Colorado.  That lasted one winter and he is now back in Alabama.  Cameron, my mini me, moved to Florida last year to become a chef. (I said he was a mini me.)





Last but not least, my Callie Cole a.k.a. Princess Cocoa Puff.  Callie was a rescue dog that Cameron brought home one weekend while I was camping.  I tried to give her away, but she grew on me rather quickly.  I’m glad she likes to travel because she is my traveling companion.



I hope you will join me on my journey across America by subscribing to this site and joining the Backtrax Facebook page. And hey who knows, I might meet you down the road!


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