Standing on my soapbox

I 100% believe there are cures out there for the diseases that we face today. Cancer, there’s a cure for that; diabetes, that is simple, modify your diet and get some exercise. The pharmaceutical companies make too much money off of the drugs they product to “combat” the disease The side effects from these drugs are unbelievable; and then you need another drug to get rid of the problem the first drug caused . All the money that people donate to research, come on now! Hundreds of millions of dollars gets raised for one disease after another and there is never any cure.  As far as I am concerned, the government has a hand in this also. The government can’t make money off of natural remedies. But they can control which drugs get “approved” for use. No, I’m not promoting anyone’s book nor did I finish reading it.


As you know, I went through malignant melanoma last year; and if I had to go through chemo or radiation, I would not have done either. That would have required me to sacrifice quality of life for quantity. I prefer the quality. I also believe that if we would clean up our lives the aliments would not be plaguing us. Our diets have gone to hell. The quality of our food is crap and people are more sedentary now than they have ever been. When I was a child, we played outside until the street lights came on. Now, kids spend their time sitting in front of a computer or a game box eating a bag of chips and drinking soda! Americans have become so obese that we are laughed at by other countries. “The land of plenty” Yup, plenty fat!


If we would change our way of thinking, we would be better off all the way around. I have made several changes in my life and I am better off because of it. More changes are coming my way. I am stepping off my box now. But I will get back on it soon!


This is my journey…


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