Where everyone knows your name.

I had breakfast this morning with one of my BGF’s Cliff at a little café in Eclectic, Alabama named The Kountry Kitchen.  These types of restaurants that are off the beaten path are usually not a lot to look at, but the food, that’s another story!

As we walked in, ”HEY” was yelled out by a smiling man carrying a pot of coffee in one hand and a pitcher of sweet tea in the other. This is my kind of place! We sat down at a little table that had mismatched chairs and a young lady came to take our order. Obviously Cliff is a “regular” as she knew what he wanted to drink and how he wanted his omelet cooked.  I sat back and looked around.  Next to us was the long “power” table.  This is where a group of the locals gather in the early morning for their weekly catch-up and have their “business” discussions.

The smiling man, Dewayne, came over and chatted a bit, and then another group walked in. It was “Ms. Weezie” and her husband. Dewayne walked over and gave her a hug and shook his hand. They chatted all the way to their table when another family walked in.  This is the type of place where you are told “just find you a seat darlin’, anywhere is fine.”  Dewayne left Ms. Weezie and walked to the new customers, gave the Momma a hug, and said to the 10 year old young man that was wearing a camo hat and a muscle t-shirt, “Hey cucumber!  How have you been?”  “Cucumber” was grinning from ear to ear.

Ol’ Ralph came in next and sat at the power table.  Vanessa, the manager said, “Oh Lord! Who forgot to lock the door? Ol’ Ralph got in!”  Everyone laughed.  Ralph sat there and asked where the others were and was told they had already “come and gone.”

There were several tables with older men wearing their overalls, John Deere hats and Justin boots.  Their elbows were on the table, and they were leaning in over their coffees and discussing what was happening in their lives.  A couple of tables ahead of us were a young couple and their toddler.  The toddler started to cry, and Dewayne yelled out,  “You better get that baby something to eat.  You ain’t feeding him fast enough! That’s what his problem is.  Feed that baby!”  I sat there laughing.

Our food came, and good God!  What was on one plate could have fed two!  We both had the Western omelet, with crispy hash browns and toast.  When she took my order, she asked what kind of meat I wanted “on” it.  I said sausage.  All of the “stuff” was on top of the omelet, not in it.  The sausage was cooked just right, the onions were sautéed in butter, and the tomatoes were diced up just the right size.  And then there was the cheese.  Lots of cheese.  Just the way I like it!

Dewayne came over to fill our iced tea glasses again, poured Cliff’s then asked if I would like “a little” more.  I said, “Please.”  So he poured the last 4 drops into my glass.  I laughed and said, “That was just enough to make someone mad!”  Dewayne laughed and said he would be right back.

I didn’t quite make a happy plate, but I honestly could not breathe anymore, I was stuffed.  Cliff and I sat there and talked and watched the people come and go.  Ol’ Ralph’s plate came, and Vanessa continued to give him a hard time.  He must be someone who eats there every day.

As we walked up to the counter to pay the tab Vanessa was giving change back to two young boys.  She gave the change to one boy and the folding money to the other as she counted it back.  She then did it again, showing them how to give proper change back.  I couldn’t help but smile.

If you ever get to Alabama and you are hungry as a bear, stop on by The Kountry Kitchen in Electic. You won’t be sorry.

This is my journey…



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  1. Thanks Jen!

  2. UncaT

    you caught the moment wonderfully…my mouth was watering…and I felt like I knew the customers…easy to see that you love people

  3. jessica flowers

    This is my home town….and i know exactly what you mean. You have to park across the street for lunch, and dont even think about dinner; they arent open for dinner. Just like southern tradition, dinner is spent arpund the table at home with the family! Im so very glad you found this place! Its one of my favorites!

    • That was such a cool eatery Jessica! I’m thinking of doing a shoot there and featuring them in a video. I could have stayed there for several hours but I’m sure they wanted their table back!

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