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To Your Health!

Down Hwy 82 in rural Alabama,  there stands a large, tan, metal building, that produces something unique and very healthy.  This building is owned by Peggy and Jeff Sutton, and they produce an organic sprouted flour. "Sprouted flour," you ask?  Yes, sprouted flour. After several years of a stressful job and "just not feeling well,"  Peggy...
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It’s time for the rodeo!

Ahhhhh! Spring in the South.  My second favorite season.  You wake-up one morning and POOF! The grass is green, the trees are green, the azaleas are showing off their delicate red, yellow, white and pink blooms and the pine trees are spewing out their yellow clouds of the allergy demon, pollen.

Spring-time also means it’s rodeo season!  Yes, those daring young men in their spandex tight Wrangler jeans, dusty, worn, cowboy boots, 7 pound belt buckle and ten gallon cowboy hats.  I can’t help but to smile,  I love a country boy!

Here in Alabama, we do things a little different. Yes, I know, that’s a shock, but let’s go to Opp, Alabama, for their rodeo.


This is my journey…


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