Monthly Archives: September 2011

Have you ever noticed…

Have you ever noticed, the LAST place you look for something is where you find it?

Have you ever noticed, you hit every red light only when you’re in a hurry? Have you ever noticed, your gas light only comes on when stuck in traffic? Have you ever noticed you stomach growls the loudest during the prayer at church? Have you ever noticed...
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A different way to deliver

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about Magnolia Springs, Alabama. Here is the video we shot talking about one of the things that sets this town apart.




Our bodies are amazing!

I recently went through a bout of Vertigo. That stuff will make your world spin! Literally! It is caused by an inner ear infection or a “crystal” that has become dislodged in the ear. Friday I could not move my head without getting sick. It’s amazing that your inner ear controls your equal Librium. Who...
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