Stress free is the way to be…

  • Go for a 30 minute walk each day and look around you, smell the air, look at the clouds like you did when you were a kid.
  • Do the speed limit! How simple is that. You won’t be stressed about getting stopped by a Trooper or be stressed because of going too fast.
  • Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. You will have more energy in the morning to get a few extra things done. When you get home from work you won’t have as much to do and can relax a little.
  • Go to the gym. That is a big stress reliever for me. Do some sort of cardio for 30 minutes and then hit a few weights. Not only will you get in shape but your stress level will also be lower when you leave.
  • Stop watching the news. Their sole purpose is to keep you depressed and worried. You will get enough news on your phone and the internet and you can pick and choose how much of the same thing you want to hear and see.
  • Work on your attitude, and the situation will take care of itself. You might not be able to control what goes on around you but, you can control how you react to it.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s. They have their own list of problems that you never even realized and trust me, you don’t want them.
  • Make a list. Just that simple. If you don’t get everything done today, don’t worry; add those things to the top of tomorrow’s list.
  • This is my favorite; take a “ME” day! If you have small children this may be hard but, we all have people in our lives that can help out and give us a little time to breathe
  •  LAUGH OUT LOUD! The good ol’ belly rolling kind of laugh! It does the body good.
  • Smile and say “HI!” to strangers. They may look at you funny but I bet they will at least say hi back. You might even get a smidgen of a smile.
  • Listen to relaxing music when getting ready for, and going to bed. I will set my iPod to go silent in an hour, and my playlist is the “relaxing” one. Very soothing music with no words.
  • Eat that ice cream bar! You are your worst critic and I know your sweetie loves you just the way you are. P.S. These are the bestest EVER!!! 350 calories but, worth it! (Magnum Bars)
  • Stop hanging out with drama filled people. They usually aren’t the happiest bunch and they will try to drag you into their cesspool.
  • Keep a journal. It gives you a place to write down your daily thoughts and activities.
  • Do you love your job? If not, what are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? Can you turn either of these into a lucrative career? I bet you can with a little thinking. You will then love your job.
  • Avoid negative people, you know the ones. They have nothing nice to say about anyone, and always have something to complain about. Stay away from them!
  • Turn the TV off and have some quiet time. We are inundated with noise all day; a little quiet time will do you good.
  • Get a dog.

These are just some things that I have done over the past year to get rid of stress. Stress is a killer and I plan on living as long as my Grandma or longer! Life is short enough guys, live a little and BREATHE!


This is my journey…



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