a GREAT idea!

Two years ago I kept a journal every day.  It was rather daunting and time-consuming and I felt like I was writing ALL THE TIME.  Last year I decided to try the Photo 365 thingy.  You take a photo everyday and at the end of the year you will have a nice little collection that visualizes your year.  I failed miserably with this one.  I’m not sure why because I ALWAYS have a camera with me.  I guess some days I didn’t do anything great and got tired of taking pictures of my Princess Cocoa Puff (Callie my dog.)


For 2013 I have decided to try something different.

I selected 12 photos from the past 12 months,


bought 365 index cards,


and a box to keep them in.  Pink is NOT my favorite color and I have decided I need something different, something with a lid so I can carry it where ever I may be next.



I wrote the month and the day in the corner of the card for each day of the year.  Do not write the year.  I separated each month with one of my favorite pictures.


On January 1, take the first card with Jan 1 on it and write the year, 2013 on the left side.  Next, write something short about what you did, a place you went to or just something that stood out for you on that day.  Do this for each day of the year.


Next year take the same card for January 1, and put 2014 under 2013.  Again, write out something about the day.  Keep this going year after year.  It will be interesting to see what you did on any particular day in previous years.  You should be able to get 10 years on one card.  Next year I will replace the pictures with ones from 2013…

SEE! I told you it was a GREAT idea! 🙂



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  1. Great idea, but I think I’d have better luck with the photo a day thing – lol

  2. I thought I would have also, but nada!

  3. I think you need to talk to Brent Smeltzer about a spreadsheet.

  4. I need to talk to Brent Smeltzer about a spreadsheet when I return!

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