Getting it “Kickstarted”

A few months ago, a friend told me of a site that helps people get funds for their creative projects named “Kickstart”.  I poked around looking at all of the different projects and I was impressed!  There are some rather creative people out there.  I really didn’t think my journey would meet the criteria necessary to get a “kickstart”, but I thought what the hell, give it a shot!  I sent in my story for their approval and waited.  A week later, BAM!  I was accepted.  I was shocked, but tickled that they thought it was a good enough idea.  It took another week to gather all of the information they needed and then my oldest son, Austin, helped me shoot the video last weekend.

(Click on the blue letters above to go to my kickstart page)

As the video explains, this is an all or nothing deal.  I MUST meet the financial goal I have set or you will not be charged the amount you pledged.  I am offering some pretty cool rewards for your pledge including  Backtrax baseball caps,   Backtrax t-shirts,

the book when completed, a DVD of the documentary and for the BIG award, I will travel to your town and do a story on your town, you, or someone of your choosing.  This last reward is a very inexpensive way to get some national recognition for your small town.  If you do pledge the BIG ONE, your story will be included in my documentary, “Small Town America” and in my book, “Back Roads of America.” What I am asking from you is your help in getting the word out.  Send this to as many people as you know that would be interested in this journey.  Every dollar helps!  I have come to the full realization of what this journey will cost over the next few years and I greatly appreciate your pledge, contribution, donation etc…

This is my journey…

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  1. Good luck. I will up my pledge if you get close and it’s needed. It’s awesome to see someone go after a Dream. I wish you all the Luck and Blessings possible.

    • Thank you Patrick! I have been humbled greatly tonight.

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