Where the Bald Eagles vacation in the winter.

One of my friends, Bob Adams, who happens to be an amazing photographer, told me about the Bald Eagles that feast up and down the frozen Mississippi River during the winter.

Seeing as I was in Wisconsin, and a mere 3.5 hour drive to “just over there,” I decided to head that way when my time was up in my Winter Wonderland.  On my way west I stopped at Jamie and Diana’s watering hole, Council Hill Station to say hello.

Jamie_edited-1 Hill_edited-1


Taken with my phone…^, be nice.


The roads were slick when I arrived where I was spending the night; the driveway was a solid sheet of ice.  What do I do?  I get out of my car, walk around it to see if there is something I can do to get my car up the driveway.  What happens next?  Yup!  My legs come out from under me, just like in the old black and white movies.  I continue to fall, in slow motion, until my back and butt meet said ice.  Instant pain.

Thirty minutes later, car is in the driveway and the bare essentials, Callie, my dog, and my backpack are in the house.  I go to bed fully clothed, without washing my face or brushing my teeth.

Morning comes earlier than I wanted.  I pop four more Aleve, wash my face, brush my teeth and crawl back in bed, still fully clothed.  A couple of hours later I realize the pain is not going to go away and if I wanted to see the Eagles, I better get going.

I stand, looking at my car, with Callie by my side.  I know getting back down the driveway is not going to be easy.  My car has ZERO traction.  I know this because the little warning light on the dashboard of a car sliding, is glowing orange at me.  Not to mention, my car is sliding into the neighbor’s yard and getting uncomfortably close to their home.

I make it to the street. FINALLY!

From what I had been told, the Bald Eagles fly further south and hang around the various Lock and Dams along the Mississippi River during the winter months to feast.  Apparently at Lock and Dam #17, the Eagles are there by the thousands.  There is no way I will make it to #17 with my butt and back hurting like they are, so I settle for #11 in Iowa.

IMG_8519_edited-1 IMG_8528_edited-1

I was not disappointed.  What I was disappointed in was the size of my camera lens.  The largest one I have right now is a 250mm.  I needed at least a 500mm, but I don’t have an extra $10,000 lying around.  I got a couple of photos, not the best, I know, but it is what it is.






I stopped at Wally-World (Wal-Mart) on my way back to the house and bought some Ice Melt.  I parked my car on the street and ever so vigilantly, walked up and down the driveway shaking the Ice Melt onto the frozen concrete.  I took Callie for a walk then we sat in my car and waited….

When the driveway looked safe, I drove back up it, went inside and crawled between the sheets once again, in said same clothing. I did, however, remove my duck boots.

As much as I love being on the road, I was not looking forward to my descent south.  I had two days of hard-driving ahead of me, and with my backside throbbing like it was, I knew this was going to be uncomfortable.

I made it back to the land of constant rain, and yes, I am in bed.

Mr. Adams, I am expecting some incredible pictures when you get back from your visit to Lock and Dam #17!



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  1. Those are awesome pictures. I never knew about the Bald Eagles on the Mississippi River. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Where else to find them…winter carrion abounds and the rivers are frozen!!

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