Cut The Cable

A little over a month ago I had my cable cut off and unplugged my TV’s. I have not missed it a bit. It seems there is nothing on but reality TV. I have a reality of my own and it ain’t on TV nor do I want it to be! While flipping channels on a lazy Sunday, I landed on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” I actually watched it for 17 minutes and my IQ dropped 48 points. The mother, I believe her name is Kris, got off a party bus they had rented to go to Las Vegas and peed in a parking lot! SERIOUSLY???!!! I sat there stunned and embarrassed for her. The whole gang had been drinking heavily and obviously didn’t charter a bus with a potty. And then there was all the Charlie Sheen drama. Nothing more needs to be said on that subject.

Now mind you, there is a lot of good programs on TV, but I HATE COMMERCIALS!!! And I use to run commercials for my business. I understand the need for commercials to generate money for the stations but come on! Pharmaceutical commercials annoy the hell out of me. Have you heard the one for Lunesta? The side effects are worse than not sleeping. I listen to my iPod and not the radio anymore for the same reason.

My free time is now spent on reading and my new-found diversion of blogging. The books I am reading at this time all have to do with improving ones self. I thought that would be a good place to start. I am improving my memory right now. (I hope it works!)

I see a Kindle in my near future…

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  1. Melissa

    Kindles/nooks/etc are pretty awesome!!

    • Which one do you have? I will be purchasing one for my birthday next week. I need advice…

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