Keeping it Simple

Over the past couple of months I have been getting rid of “stuff”. Over the years we all collect “stuff”. The more stuff we get the bigger the place we need to keep our stuff. And with a bigger place we get, we need more stuff to fill it. I am getting rid of my stuff. I started in the bedroom with clothing. Why do I need 100 t-shirts? I haven’t worn most of them in SEVERAL years! They were the first to go. Let me back up… Last fall I cleaned out my closet and gave a dear friend 4 trash bags full of great clothing. If I don’t wear it that year, it gets gone. I was glad to get rid of it. I thought I would go out and replace it, but I didn’t. Kinda shocking for me! Fast forward to spring. Standing in front of my armoire, looking at all the stuff and realizing most of it is just taking up space, I started purging my stuff. When I finished with the bedroom, my closet was half full, I had three completely empty dresser drawers and my armoire could hold a TV again!

I was on a roll. I then went into the kitchen and started with the utensil drawers. That was fun and my boys will (hopefully) appreciate the cooking utensils. Onto the cabinets…2 blenders, 3 Crockpots, 4 coffee makers, 5 cooling racks, 2 mandolins (yes, TWO!) 5 loaf pans, 9 pie plates, corning ware out the wazoo! 9 cookbooks that were never used. A pasta machine, cake decorating kits, a full set of copper pots and pans and this is just stuff I got rid of! Williams Sonoma use to LOVE me!!! So did American Express…

Next are the books. I love my books, but I have read them and I’m finally going to buy a Kindle. I didn’t think I would every get one of those gadgets, but it will be easier to take with me on my journey.


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  1. Melissa

    You got rid of all your pie plates and corning ware? Please tell me they went to the boys and not the garbage??

    • No Melissa, the pie plates went to an employee. I don’t believe my boys will be needing them anytime soon. 🙂

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