Making do.

After my divorce in 1995, I dated a man that lived in the country. He had never been married, and his furnishings were proof of his bachelor days . When I would go down to the farm for the weekend, I had to “make do” with what he had in the kitchen. It is amazing how creative you can be when you have to. I used plates as lids on the pots and pans that didn’t have any lids, I used forks as a pastry blender for biscuits, and we have all made paper towels into coffee filters.

I will have to say, I no longer buy kitchen gadgets that perform only one task. For instance, a Panini Press? Nope, I have a George Foreman. The George can do both! OK, I do have a garlic press, and that is the only thing it is suitable for but, I NEEDED it. It was bought in the early part of my marriage, and I haven’t used it since. I don’t remember if I boxed it up or threw it out. I expect will find that out is 6 years.

The remaining months I am spending in my “loft apartment” as I call it, will give me a clear idea of what I need to bring with me and what I can live without. So far I have used my mixer one time, and that was to mix up the cookies I burnt the other day. I have not used the food processor, electric skillets or the crockpots. I know the crockpots will be used during my journey but, right now it is summer, which means most of my cooking is done outdoors.

Space will be the biggest issue once I board the RV and get settled, and I know I will have to make do with even less. I don’t mind at all. The clothes part, I don’t care about, and I know I will have to get rid of even more. I have been frequenting Bed Bath & Beyond a lot lately looking for more space saving ideas and containers and have asked my friends to save the 20% off coupons that they receive in the mail and will not be using. I need all the help I can get. I haven’t purchased any of this stuff yet, I am just getting ideas as to what would work.

My stock piling from Sam’s will have to cease also, and I will make do with “just enough”. I will no longer have room for 48 rolls of toilet paper, a 55 lb bag of dog food or 12 cans of chicken broth. I will learn to purchase as I need things, not just to have them. I have depleted the 10 different kinds of deodorant I had, and I am making do with just two.

I am making do with the three cookbooks that I made and the other four that are my favorites. The gourmet cookbooks are in storage, and I will be making do with the simple kind of cooking. I have decided that along my journey, every person I write a story about has to give me a recipe, and I will be compiling a cookbook when the journey ends. How cool will that be?! I will have recipes from various towns in every state except Hawaii.


This downsizing thing I have been doing, and making do with less and less has been a smart thing for me and has had a positive impact. I certainly don’t worry as much as I use to and I am saving a fair bit of money by not always wanting something. I do miss the summer line of Sophie Max dresses though but, I did OK, I looked and walked out empty handed.I will no longer be purchasing “Buckle” jeans, as a few of my friends are gasping right now, I will be making do with the good old fashioned Levi and Wrangler jeans. I can’t see spending $180.00 for a pair of jeans to wear while working with the fisherman in Maine.


This is my journey…



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  1. Kimberly Tietjen Dees

    So proud of you Nanette! You can do it! When you come through SC I’ll give you a recipe or three 😉 Or better yet … I’ll bring it to you in Atlanta! 🙂

    • Thanks Kim! I will be in South Carolina in May of 2012. Well, I will be there sooner of course, but the journey will take me through there in 5/12. The recipes will be much appreciated! Make ’em good ones! See ya in August!

  2. Any plans for Louisiana, I will get a few good ones together and email them to you.

  3. Space saving Idea, I love my kindle, 3500 books and no bookcase to dust…..

  4. Hey Anne, yes I will be in La, but it will be a few years down the road. The Kindle is on my list! I was going to buy it for my birthday but bought the creme de la crème of the Keurig instead. Writing has taken over my reading time.

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