Are we a product of our environment?

Every one of us is a product of our environment to a certain extent. Now, whether you wish to remain there is your decision. We have all been given the free will and the choice to be where we want to be. Are you where you want to be?

If you are brought up in a rough neighborhood, you will learn to be tough just to survive. If you are brought up in a life of gangs, you will also become a gang member just to survive. The list goes on and on.

We are all given the will to be who we want to be and live where we want to live. It is our own individual choice and decision. I had an employee who had six children and adopted three more. When she worked for me, three of her kids were in jail, three were receiving “crazy checks”, she taught them to act a certain way to collect money from the system, and out of the last three, only one decided she did not want to continue that lifestyle, and was trying to make something of herself.

I know people who have come from an extremely poor family, and they have taken significant strides to better their own life and I know people who come from very affluent families and they stay in trouble and essentially don’t have a pot to pee in. It all goes back to choices and decisions we make.

I will say it seems to me that those who are extremely poor growing up are the ones who make the most out of their life. They want better and realize they have to work hard to get the better things. Those who are born with a silver spoon are the laziest ones. They still expect everything to be given to them. I believe this also goes back to both parents working to provide more for their family and give too much to their children to make up for not spending time with them.

The friends we choose to hang out with also will dictate the path we go down. If we are friends with God fearing, church going people, you too will be a God fearing, church going individual. If our friends are drunks and drug users, guess what, you will be also. Pick you friends wisely; they are the people you will be emulating.

You may have been brought up in an environment that you don’t like, that is just a circumstance, you choose your own destiny. Sit back and think about where you want to be, and how you want to live. Now, what changes in your life do you need to make? Education, city, job? What? The smartest and wealthiest people don’t sit around and complain, they get up and do. They don’t wait for something to happen, they MAKE it happen.

Some of us have been dealt a lousy hand but, we all have been given the same will to make the best of every situation. The choice is ours to make. You will not get to where you want to be by staying where you are.



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