This food thing…

When I finally got back to the gym, I decided I would change my eating habits for one week. Now mind you, I eat healthy the majority of the time. Occasionally I do like my burger and fries but, for the most part, it is an egg white, spinach and mushroom omelet in the morning, tuna for lunch, and salmon for dinner kind of diet. No, not a DIET, just the way I like to eat, keeping it healthy.

I decided I would try an all fruit and vegetable diet. Well, let me tell you, that didn’t last 24 hours! I LOVE MAYONAISE, BUTTER AND CHEESE! Try having sliced tomatoes on multi grain whole wheat bread and…..NOTHING! Talk about nasty. I was actually choking. This also meant I could not have my Greek yogurt. And I don’t even like milk! No cheese? Really?! I don’t think so!

I bought zucchini and yellow squash for dinner one night, and well, it gets sautéed in BUTTER, with sliced onions. After it is super tender I transfer it to a baking sheet, and it gets covered with Parmesan cheese and broiled. Yes CHEESE! See, I can’t do it!

Cameron, my baby, would always tease me about the amount of cheese in the freezer. He would come over and look in the fridge for something to eat, and then before he opens the freezer he would say, “I bet there is cheese!” Yup! I buy the 5lb bag of fancy shredded cheddar cheese and I divide it up into quart size freezer bags, and I freeze them. I always have cheese. I remember one year for Christmas I asked for a toaster oven. After the immense feast, I asked everyone if they would like some cheese toast. I wanted to make cheese toast. You can’t go wrong with cheese toast, sprinkled with a lot of pepper, and toasted until the cheese is nice and bubbly! YUM! Guess which state I’m from.

Needless to say, the vegan diet did not work for me and to all of you vegans out there, more power to ya! Maybe I should look into the vegetarian diet. Can I have mayo, butter and cheese?

This is my journey


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