trust – Definition


(n.) Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, etc., of a person or thing

(v.) To have confidence in

(v.) To have confidence

Now there is a touchy subject. This will be difficult for me to write about. I am one of those people that do not trust others easily. Is trust something that should be given automatically or is it something that should be earned? Is trust something you can get back once it is broken?

Do you ever entirely trust someone?  What does trust mean to you? For me, trust is believing in someone without having doubts. I also believe the only person you can totally trust is yourself. You develop trust over time in relationships, and it is given at birth to our children. It can be destroyed in a split second in both instances.

When you trust someone, you are making an investment in them. You trust they will be there when you need to lean on them. You are giving them a part of you, a bigger portion of your life. You trust that even in the darkest moments, they will be there. Breaking someone’s trust is easier than gaining it.

What about friends, how long does it take to trust them and let them totally in your life? What could happen that would utterly destroy that trust and you walk away? Once again, pick your friends wisely. They will end up being a large part of your life.

Do you trust the media? What about our government leaders? I don’t trust either of them. I believe the media tells us what they are allowed to tell us, and the government is just a bunch of crooks. When you elect someone into a government position, you are voting for the lesser of two evils. It won’t be long before the newly elected official is just as much a crook as the guy that just got the boot.

What about your significant other, how long does it take before they earn your trust? Is that a trust you can get back once  it is broken? When you are in a relationship, you trust the other person with your heart, love, dreams, secrets and money. You are intimate and personal with that person. When this trust is broken for whatever reason, this is one I can not regain. When this trust is gone, it is gone. I have found from previous relationships that if the other person does not trust you and you have done nothing wrong, it is usually because of something they are doing, and because they are doing it, they think you are doing it also. In a relationship, is the trust broken when your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend cheats? What about if they have secrets and you find out about them, will you still trust them? Is it OK for them to have friends of the opposite sex? What if they spend time together without you, is that OK? I admit trust is hard for me to give, I have been burned a lot in the past, and by people I never expected to do that. If I do trust you, you are the exception.

How many times do you say, “Trust me…”? I believe I say it more than most. I say this all of the time to my clients when they question my ideas. I will tell them,” Trust me, you will LOVE it!” When I am joking around I will say, “Truss me”. Trust is one of those things that is not given lightly and is taken for granted. If you have someone in your life that truly trusts you, don’t blow it, it is something you might not get back.


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