In December of 2009 Austin graduated from AIT at Ft. Benning. After graduation, he showed me a game on his Android called “A World of Photo” He said he and his buddies stayed up all night playing it. So I downloaded it. BIG MISTAKE!

The game works like this, you point your phone in any direction and it “lands” on someone somewhere in the world. They could be in Japan, Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, or right next door. They take a picture and send it to your phone, you then can rate their picture and post a comment. It is now your turn to take a picture and send it somewhere. Yes, I have gotten some crude pictures and have gotten onto the kids that post them. I let them know quickly that I could be a 10-year-old child playing with my parent’s phone. They apologize and will keep it clean.

I have met some of the coolest people around the world and have friended some of them on facebook. I like learning about different cultures and places. One of my friends lives in Mallorca Spain. He sends some cool pictures of the ocean and his town. What a beautiful place he lives in. Another friend lives in Egypt. He kept me updated on what was going on there during the turmoil. I keep asking for pictures of the pyramids and he just laughs saying, “just because I live here does not mean I live right next to the pyramids!” I keep asking just to annoy him. Several friends are from Germany and I have enjoyed brushing up on my German with them. One of them is an incredible photographer. Thank-you Boris for pictures of Kolle! Another friend is from India and is in Pennsylvania right now for school. He is enjoying being in the States. He also is a talented photographer and I have enjoyed seeing his pictures also.

This game totally consumed me for several months, and I finally got tired of it. I have not played in a couple of months, and a friend recently asked me to start playing again. I think I will, it was fun!

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