Stop “living to eat”, and start “eating to live”!

I have stood on my soapbox before and talked about the eating habits of Americans today, and how it has affected our health. I have also shared with you that I had gotten up to 136 pounds, which is more than I have ever weighed without being pregnant. The weight gain was a lack of exercise and slipping into poor eating habits.

I am not one who believes in depriving oneself of certain foods because we are always trying to lose those last 5 pounds. I wholly believe in moderation. And I believe if we took time to slow down and would stop over scheduling and over booking ourselves we would be healthier. Because we are always in a hurry, we tend to pick up “whatever” for dinner and eat it on the go.

It does not require that much time to prepare a healthy meal for your family, and if you want some simple recipes just contact me, I will email you some of my favorites. OK, you all know I have an undying love for butter and cheese, and I will not give those two things up. Period. Not a chance. I do cook with olive oil and not butter, the butter is saved for the crusty bread.

I had a personal trainer that came to my house two times a week, her name was Boo. Boo taught me a lot about nutrition. She asked me one night if I would drink the liquid from a can of corn or green beans. I said, “No!” She then asked me why I would eat something that has sat in that liquid for a period of time. Good point. My corn and green beans are now the frozen kind if I can’t get fresh.

I’m a supporter of local farmers markets and produce stands. When was the last time you made a vegetable plate for dinner? A plate filled with silver queen corn, field peas, new potatoes, black eyed peas, snap beans, broccoli and a wedge of corn bread. That is some good summertime eats right there! Yes, it is full of carbs, but SO WHAT!!! Moderation is the key.

What about a big ol’ fat salad? You can eat a ton of it, get ample nutrients and keep your calories to a minimum. I will admit, I have never been a fan of salads until my best friend, Quynh started making them. Buy a nice Spring Mix, add organic baby spinach, blanched asparagus, sometimes broccoli flowerets, walnuts, slivered carrots, mandarin oranges and finish it off with a marinated, skinless, boneless, grilled chicken breast or a broiled piece of salmon. YUMMY!

Everyone knows I love steak! And the way I order it is, “Cut off the horns, wipe his hiney and put it on my plate!” If the vet can resuscitate it, it is done. I don’t eat a lot of it though. A juicy hamburger or a nice, thick filet is about the extent of it these days. When I go home to Milwaukee, I do have to stop a few times for my Culver’s Butter Burgers. Yes, I said Butter Burgers! They fry the burger in butter. All the healthy eating gets shot to hell when I go to Milwaukee! I will be home for 10 days at the beginning of July, and those 10 days will cost me a lot of calories, but ohhhh so worth it!

Darlene, the lady that works with me has a enormous garden. I have been the lucky recipient of tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, onions, potatoes and jalapenos. The blueberries are now ready for picking. Yay me! I believe I have eaten a tomato each day for the past month, and I’m glad I don’t get heartburn. If you have a backyard, try growing a garden, start small. When you get to pick and eat something that you have grown, it will bring a smile to your face. I was unsuccessful with the tomatoes I grew one year, but the jalapenos I grew last year were in abundance!
I have told you about a movie on food called, “Food, inc”. Have you seen it? What about, “Super-size me!”? You really should watch both movies. They will change the way you eat, I can guarantee you that. I don’t even like the “nicer” chain restaurants anymore. I will seek out a locally owned place where the food is fresh and unprocessed. They are everywhere, just look, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

I guess what I am trying to get at is, plan ahead, slow down, skip the drive thru and enjoy some time with your family in the kitchen. A home cooked meal at the table with loved ones, and lively conversation is much more enjoyable than the burger and fries picked up at the drive thru while in a hurry on the way to baseball practice.

This is my journey…

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