How can I ask “why me” for the trials that come my way when I don’t ask “why me” when great things are bestowed upon me?

A dear friend of mine lost his daughter to a car accident yesterday. She graduated last June. I can not imagine the pain he and his family are going through right now, and I pray I never have to endure such a pain. A parent should never have to bury their children, and I don’t believe I have the strength to go through something like that. I am grateful my son came home safely from Iraq. Phil, my heart felt prays go out to you and your family.


When we are little, we ask “why” for just about everything. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why is the grass green?” “Why can’t I stay up later?” I’m still asking why. I ask why every day. I want to know why things work a certain way and why things are done a certain way. I don’t believe it is bad to ask why. I am a curious person and I want to learn different things every day. If you don’t ask why, you will not learn.

When we are putting a window treatment together for a client, I wonder why it is done that way and I try to figure out a new way to do it. My youngest, Cameron is the same way. He will spend more time trying to figure out a better way to do something than just getting it done. It would frustrate me when he was little because I had already done the leg work but, he had to see for himself. Austin always went with the flow. Whatever was OK with him.


Why are we in certain situations in our lives? That is simple; it is because of choices and decisions we have made. Some things are beyond our control, and that is when the gargantuan whys come out. “I did nothing wrong! Why did that have to happen?” Life is not fair, that much is true. The boys would ask if they could have something or do something and if I said no, they would respond with “Why?” and I would explain why. Then they would say, “Well, that’s not fair!” I always came back with, “Life’s not fair. Get use to it.” They hated it when I would say that but, they have come to realize that is true.

Life’s journey is one gigantic why for me. Why am I here? Why have I stayed here? Why have certain people come into my life? Why have certain people left my life? Has their purpose been completed? Why do I do all that I do? Why do I feel this need to help everyone that comes to me? Why do people come to me with their needs? Why can’t I do certain things I could do five years ago? Why, why, why, my brain spins with why’s all day long.

Never stop asking why. When you stop asking why, you stop learning, and when you stop learning, you die. I will go to my Urn (because I will be cremated) asking why. Why couldn’t I live to be 130?


This is my journey…


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  1. UncaT

    Be ready to accept the answer…love the graphics

  2. Yes, that is a MINOR problem I have…

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