It’s a matter of opinion

That’s all it is, an opinion. And we all think our opinion is the correct one. The definition of opinion is: 1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. 2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

When I do design work on a house it is my opinion that what I have chosen is the best idea. You may not agree, but as far as I am concerned my opinion is the right one for you. There is a decorating course taught at a local college here, and it is a rather intense study. The course is a nine-month program, twice a week and three hours on each of those two nights. In my opinion, you either have the decorating talent or you don’t. Every year I would take a couple of interns to work in my store for their mandatory 40 hour internship. It was free labor for me, and they got a true taste of what it all is about. A couple of them couldn’t put two coordinating fabrics together if I pointed to them. The others did exceptionally well. The final grade and the decision whether you got your certificate all depended on the instructor’s opinion of your completed project. That’s all it is, an opinion.

It is my opinion that the best kind of music to read or write to is Classical. There are no words to confuse your thoughts and make your mind drift. (Which my mind does quite often) You might prefer total silence when doing the same or some other genre of music.

When I am at church listening to the pastor give his sermon, in my opinion, he is giving you his opinion on the Bible. We could both read the same passage and get something different out of it. It all depends on what is going on in our lives. Different denominations have different opinions on the Bible. It is the same book that we all have and read from, but it is our opinion on how we perceive it.

It is my opinion that you should dust first, and then vacuum. Wash your colored clothes first and the whites last. This is my opinion because of the amount of bleach I use on the whites. It is my opinion that your shoes should and will in my house come off at the door.

I could keep going, but I know you don’t care about my opinion.

Our opinions can get us into arguments from time to time because we believe our opinion is the best one. Without scientific proof, it remains an opinion. That’s all it is.

This is my journey…

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  1. UncaT

    however, it helps if the opinion is an informed one.

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