What if…

I posted those two words on my facebook page, sat back and waited for the responses. Most of them were extremely insightful, some were random thoughts. We tend to ask “What if” from time to time, and I believe a lot of the news is centered on “what if”.

I get tired of the, “what if the train didn’t stop in time”. Guess what? It did! So quit trying to stir up some drama. There is enough of that in the world today as it is. I don’t know why we focus on the “what ifs” because what happens, happens. Period. We can’t change that and that is the way it is. As my Grandmother has always said,” It is what it is”.

What if I didn’t move to Alabama? Well, I would not have met my ex-husband, had my children, nor have my business. Maybe I never would have found my design talent or my passion for cooking. When I married my ex I could burn water. I learned to cook to please him, and I discovered the love of cooking. The sewing/design thing came later.

What if my mom hadn’t met my dad? I would have never gotten to live in Europe or meet my incredible Hahn friends. I would not be as anal as I am as I believe that part of him rubbed off on me. Even though he is not my biological father, he is the only one I know. It is what it is.

What if we lived as the bible tells us to? I can only imagine how terrific things would be. It is difficult to imagine though. A world with no conflict, hatred or anger, is pretty hard to grasp. We have gotten so use to all of these things, and unfortunately, it will only get worse. I do believe that if we ate like the bible tells us a lot of our health issues would be abated.

I do wonder from time to time what if on certain issues that go on in my life. I wonder what if I were never born like “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Have I had a positive impact on anyone’s life? As I have said in a previous post, everything happens for a reason. I am searching for my reason now.

This is my journey…

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