And my baby…

Marshall Cameron Cole, born June 7, 1990.  I always wanted 2, 4 or 6 children, then God gave me a mini me in the male form. I stayed with the two. When I finally decided to have another child, I was scared to death of what could happen. I did not want to go through what I went through with his older brother. When I was pregnant with Austin, I ate only healthy foods. Raw vegetables, fruits, tuna, you get the picture. When I was pregnant with Cameron it was Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast, BBQ, Mexican or Italian for lunch and dinner. EVERYDAY!

My check-ups with this pregnancy were every week for the first 19 weeks. I did nothing wrong except my diet. I quit working out, no weight lifting, nothing. I started doing a little catering for my friends (my passion for cooking) but that ended quickly because of sever headaches that would make me pass out. My doctor at the time prescribed fiornol. He was fired quickly and I switched to Dr. Saucer. I wanted someone like Dr. McClinton and he, Dr. McClinton, suggested Dr. Saucer. Dr. McClinton was no longer delivering.

At five months, we had an ultrasound to find out the sex. I wanted a girl. Scott wanted another boy. I had my son; I now wanted my Courtney Morgan. A little girl whom I could dress up to be the girly girl whom I never was; someone to help get ready for Prom and, her wedding day. Ok, who was I fooling? I could not do the girly thing. With the ultrasound running, I saw what it was, another son. I did cry when I left, (sorry Cameron), and then I met my husband at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant for lunch (imagine that!)

The next few months were spent eating and getting bigger and more miserable every day. He was an active baby, and I knew he would hit the ground running and never stop. I was correct on this one. I remember seeing is foot slowly slid across my stomach one afternoon when I was resting. That would have been a great picture! At night, well, that was when he was the most active! Just as soon as I got comfortable he decided to go crazy. And he loved to karate kick my bladder.

I had my last check-up at 37 weeks. Dr. Saucer was walking down the hall in street clothes, and I asked him why he was dressed like that, with a rather sarcastic tone, and he said, “Yup! You are ready.” He then proceeded to clean out my cervix and told me to go home, that I would be in labor before the night was over. Yay! Me and my big mouth!

I went home, packed my bag, called my husband and told him he was in for a long night. I prepared dinner, while the whole time I was having contractions. This was all new to me, and I didn’t like it. IT HURT!

After calling my mom, I laid down to get a little rest before we had to leave. Eleven o’clock came and I couldn’t take anymore. The contractions were five minutes apart. My mom came to stay with Austin, and we left. After I was in my room the nurse said, “girl, you are fixing to rock and roll!” She gave me a shot of stadol, and I watched the ceiling start to dance. I was out cold within a couple of minutes. My memory of the rest is very limited. I woke up around 4:00 am and was furious that my husband was not there. The nurse said he went home to take a shower, that he was tired. REALLY???!!! Did he want to switch spots?!? She gave me another shot. I was out cold. The next thing I remember was my water breaking, and I was getting off the bed. I had had enough! I don’t know of what. I was passed out the whole time. They put me on a Gurney and wheeled me into a labor room. I remember I kept asking them not to forget the epidural and Dr. Saucer assured me that he gave one to me. I later found out that he didn’t, He knew I was to out of it and didn’t need one.

With my husband sitting in the corner, video camera in hand I kept hearing someone say, “PUSH!” and I would. In between pushes I would go back to sleep, then “PUSH!” and I would. Cameron was born at 6:35 and I have a picture of me holding him and I am sound asleep. Scott on the other hand realized he DID NOT have the video camera recording and begged the nurses to take some great pictures, because when I found out that he had not gotten this on tape he would be in trouble.

Almost 21 years later I am glad she was a he. I love my boys and would not have it any other way. Cameron and I have butted heads over the years and I’m sure it is because he is so much like me. That being said, I know he will be just fine with whatever he decides to do in life.

This is my journey…


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